Ahead of the Tape

Ahead of the Tape (source accessed 3 Dec 2013)

“amateurs turning their financial ovens to high and then leaving the house unattended” Jeremy Bogalsky

Quants-R-Us (accessed 3 Dec 2013)

“Such is the focus on speed that even location counts. Servers positioned nearest to a trading venue can shave milliseconds of the timing of a trade and get a better price.”

“Now that trading algorithms are reading the news, are they also getting the story faster than journalists can? Regulators suspect that some price movements before takeover announcements stem from algorithms picking up early-warning price signals in the market. Eventually, the news may come from reading the algorithmic trades, not the other way around.”

Quant farms

Carnegie Mellon University
Master’s in computational finance, 2 years.
Tuition: $57,450 per year

Columbia University
Master’s in financial engineering, 1.5 years.
Tuition: $57,000

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Business
Master’s in finance, 1 year.
Tuition: $74,400

Computer science and engineering programs are also fertile recruiting grounds.
University of Chicago
Master’s in financial mathematics, 1 year.
Tuition: $51,000

Undergrad CCIB program and physics program are highly regarded as well.

University of Pennsylvania
Penn-Wharton Management & Technology BAS/BSE, 4 years.
Tuition: $45,900